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Your home is your safe haven. However, it’s only as safe as you want it to be. Free State Alarm will help you create a customized home security package that offers:

  • 24/7 property surveillance
  • Physical key/keypad hybrid locks
  • Smart-detection doorbell/camera
  • Automated outdoor lighting
  • Temperature & safety alarm controls


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Jane Smith

I love my new security system. I get a notification anytime someone's at my door, when I receive a package, or if I left the A/C on. It really has me covered for everything, so I never have to worry about anything.

Dana Rosen

I was one of the people that always figured it wouldn't happen to me until someone broke in and stole some irreplaceable items. Free State Alarm protects me so that I never have to deal with that type of loss again.

Madelaine Taylor

Not only am I secure, I get to keep tabs on everything that happens at my door. You hope you'll never need it, but it pays to have recordings of every unsolicited thing that happens to you or your property. They make that possible.

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